Terraforma apply an important principle of golf course design to circuit building. The focus is not on changing the landscape, but working with what already exists. Wherever possible the landscape’s most aggressive features are involved and more often than not can also be used to hide obstacles. A steep hillside for example without much alteration can make a perfectly natural take-off or landing.

Of all the circuits throughout our sports history, the greatest and most loved were always those where the challenges came in the form of the natural terrain itself. Not every piece of land has aggressive elevation changes, but it remains an aim of Terraforma to focus on accentuating the landscape as opposed to altering it. Obstacles are most definitely here to stay, but the essence of motocross remains a natural terrain sport and this should not be forgotten.

It is important to be realistic. The two main ingredients of a good track are soil and landscape and If the land you begin with has neither, it simply won’t be possible to create a truly great circuit. It is important to mention, however, that for the purposes of providing a practice facility, the construction of a circuit on any piece of land will be of great value.

With practice tracks it is important to create obstacles that will test a wide range of skills. From timing sections, through to grassy off cambers, it is vital for a rider to be familiar with the feeling of a bike moving around underneath them at speed. Younger or less experienced riders need to get used to that feeling without the unsettling effect of being thrown sharply into the air by steep take-offs, or having to spot sharp landings. For more advanced riders, however, it is becoming an increasingly vital part of modern racing to be able to deal with just such obstacles and learn to carry greater speed into them as well.

Terraforma principally use bulldozers to construct a circuit. Rather than digging holes to generate the soil for obstacles, the material is pushed into the obstacle from the surrounding area. This landscaping creates smooth sides to the obstacles, that once grassed over, can help blend the obstacle into its surroundings. This method is also vital for the drainage of a track and gentle runs on all surfaces help draw the water away from the track surface. It is always our aim to give great attention to the aesthetics of a track, and sweeping lines with smooth edges helps with the appearance of the finished article.

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