It is extremely difficult to put an exact cost on a job without seeing the ground it is to be built from first. In cases where there is a lot of preparation work to be done to the ground or where rubbish of any kind has to be removed the costs can easily run into tens of thousands. Creating race facilities from scratch with watering system, fencing etc, can cost even more.

In the case of private practice tracks however, where the track can be formed from the existing landscape, we have often managed to deliver a full size motocross track with a lap time of over two minutes for as little as £6500. This included all design fees, machinery and haulage charges, diesel, labour, accomodation and travel costs.

In order to be able to form a track from the existing landscape, there needs to be at least some fall on the ground. If it is completely flat then the soil which is taken to produce the obstacles will leave low spots that would most likely hold water. If there is a high amount of bedrock close to the surface it would also be very difficult to work with the existing ground. In both these cases it would be necessary to import soil and this would increase the costs.

It is significant to note, that every single private track in the Portfolio section of this web site, was completed for less than the cost of a new 450.

A major US magazine recently ran article on two young men offering cut price sx tracks. The article finished with the sentence -

The Price? “Between $15,000 and $17,000. This is close to half of what it would cost from other builders.”

It is clear that living in the UK, the cost of track building is still significantly more affordable than in other countries.

Whilst prices can vary depending on each site, it is certainly not in our interests to overcharge. Whenever possible, any savings will be passed onto a customer. After all, referrals certainly save a fortune in advertising!

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